December 25, 2023


Within the framework of cooperation between Creativa Ismailia Center and Sinai University, Creativa Center hosted students from the Faculty of Information Technology and Computer Science, Kantara branch, in the “Intro to Embedded Systems” training. The training included the concept of embedded systems and their vital role in many advanced industries, such as the modern cars,...
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Within the framework of the keenness of the administration of the Faculty of Mass Communication at Sinai University, under the supervision of Her Excellency the Faculty’s Dean, Professor Al-Amira Samah Farag, to the necessity of refining students’ skills in both fields, and linking theoretical courses with practical application; Activating various training mechanisms and field visits...
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Last week witnessed Mass Communication students’ visit to Egyptian Food Bank, in which they had the privilege of engaging with the dedicated individuals working there. They learned extensively about their approach to networking, promotional tactics, forming PR partnerships, and their commitment to community service. The insights gleaned from these discussions shed light on the integral...
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