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Firstly, we would like to welcome visitors to the Civil Engineering Department page. The department aims to provide engineering education that keeps pace with scientific progress and qualitative development in civil engineering, in addition to preparing a competent engineer with a high degree of knowledge and creativity who is able to acquire the skill of self-education and to meet the needs of the labor market through an integrated and updated study list. The department is also keen on developing applied skills. For its students by providing modern, equipped laboratories that keep pace with developments, in addition to requiring students to perform several weeks of training in various work sites. The department includes a group of distinguished faculty members, supporting staff, and technicians with experience and practical skills to prepare engineering cadres capable of competing regionally and internationally.

Ass. Prof. Dr. Elsayed Kotob Elsayed

Program Mission
Program Aims
Quality Assurance Unit Files

Commitment to preparing efficient graduates with distinguished skills in the various fields of civil engineering, scientific research, community service, and environment protection.

The main goal of the “Civil Engineering Program” is to:

  • Preparing a distinguished graduate who has the ability and skill to apply and use the latest methods of design, management, and construction.
  • Providing an educational environment that enhances students’ ability to understand and innovate by conducting experiments, analyses, and simulations and evaluating them to draw conclusions.
  • Providing students with the ability to identify and solve engineering problems in accordance with practice codes, standard specifications, and sustainable development requirements.
  • Keeping up with new innovations in civil engineering to suit the needs of society on a local and regional scale.
  • Preparing graduates to develop their career positions by practicing scientific research and continuing education techniques based on community values and professional ethics.
  • Qualifying the graduate to acquire communication, presentation, and teamwork skills in multidisciplinary projects.