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Student Service Office Scope

OSS stands for Office of Student Services. It is a central location on campus or Headquarters office where students can go for assistance with a variety of services, including enrollment, registration, academic records, and financial payments. The OSS also provides orientation for new students and answers inquiries regarding students’ status and records.

The purpose of establishing the OSS was to create a more convenient and efficient experience for students. By gathering all student services in one location, the OSS makes it easier for students to get the help they need. The OSS staff is also trained to provide referrals to other departments on campus, if necessary.

Services provided by the Office include:

  • Administration and enrollment inquiries.
  • Registration
  • Academic inquires.
  • Orientation in the beginning of the academic year.
  • Answer inquiries regarding students’ status and records.
  • Financial scholarships.
  • Request a petition.
  • Retrieving and updating students’ records and personal information.
  • Access to students’ policies, calendar, and deadlines.
  • Payment for services like request for issuing certificates and tuition fees.
  • Housing & Transportation
  • Coordinating student activities and events
  • Processing paperwork and applications